Saturday, March 12, 2005

Cool Things From Jared, plus Shoujo

This is nothing new, but I was browsing around The Forge RPG Bookshelf and remembered that there's a cool free supplement to InSpectres, called UnSpeakable -- made for playing Lovecraftian adventures. The one game of InSpectres I've played was tres fun. I would love to try UnSpeakable.

And I hadn't noticed before, but there's also a spiffy free PDF called "Blood And Steel," a "Sword & Sorcery" supplement for OctaNe. I'm actually much more likely to play that than OctaNe itself, so that was cool to fine. (No diss on OctaNe there, sword and sorcery is just more my bag, baby.)

Both of those are from Jared "Memento Wicked-Dead" Sorenson, an Ur-Indie game designer.

While we're looking at cool little games, I found Shoujo Story by following the link in the creator's Forge signature. Reading the "Actual Play" segments fascinated me. Sounds like a really neat cards-based storytelling thingy. I'd like to try this one too.


Joe said...

Ed, you had me at "made for playing Lovecraftian adventures." I really liked that game of InSpectres you ran for James and I'd love to try it again, having more clues now.

Funny, I'd been reading stuff about Shoujo Story too. It seems OK.

Ed said...

Kick Ass. time for me to reread InSpectres and UnSpeakable.