Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I didn't realize Spione was even out, but Emily's review of it here makes me realize I will want to buy it. I was not much of a spy geek but the first edition of Top Secret fascinated my twelve-year-old self, with its glossary of espionage terms and agencies and stuff. It sounds like Spione has that kind of loving attention to historical and realistic detail, in a new generation of game. The cold war is generally remembered by kids today only in partisan and caricatured terms, but it was important. I might well enjoy a game about it.

When I think about the Cold War I always think about the musical "Chess."


Matt Snyder said...

Spione isnt' out yet. But, yep, it's that good.

Very likely, Emily has borrowed Vincent's pre-press copy or received one herself. The content is basically the same as the final version, which I can very firmly dispute as published, seeing as how I'm only now changing the final layout corrections! The pre-press version was a very limited print run for a press event in Berlin last summer.

I don't know the precise date it will be available.

The book is not so much detailed as it is well-considered. Ron covers a lot of ground very well in a very readable, thoughtful, and relatively succinct series of chapters. He has a well-founded stance on the Cold War, and the game reinforces that as a vehicle for some serious spy vs. guy stuff.

Ed said...

Cool. My reference to "chess" I guess was an oblique way of suggesting that what'd be interesting about it would be stories about people caught up in it and dealing with it and each other, which it sounds like is what it's about.