Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sophomoric Post Warning

After the wild GenCon success of Paul Czege's Bacchanal, and the continuing popularity of "Sex and Sorcery," will other indie games move forward into a realm of mature, thoughtful adult sexuality and eroticism?

Hoped-for titles for GenCon 06:

Dog-eared Design: Pay-Per-View Adventures
Errant Knight Games: Kayfabe 2: Jello Wrestling Edition
Lumpley Games: Doggy Style In The Vineyard

And the one which started me down this train of thought:

Timfire Press: Mountin' the Witch

Further suggestions welcomed in comments.


Brendan said...

I think "My Life With Master" pretty much stands on its own.

Also, Chimera Creative presents DONG DEVILS

Ed said...

Adept Press presents: Trollbabe 2, Trollbabes in Toyland?

Bankuei said...

Jokes aside- have you checked out Breaking the Ice? I just read it last night- damn!

Ed said...

HELL YEAH. I love Breaking The Ice. Demoed it with Ron and Emily (Emily first, then Ron switched in for her).

It was a game that I enjoyed completely out of proportion to how much I would have expected to enjoy it.

It's not included here cause sex in a Breaking the Ice game wouldn't be a sophomoric joke. :)

Vincent said...

Doggy Style in the Vineyard?


Ed said...

Told you it was sophomoric.

Ben said...


joshua m. neff said...

Surely you mean "Pole 'er Ass," Ben.

joshua m. neff said...

Oh, and coming soon (heh heh) from Chimera Creative: "69 Worlds."

(It's scary how fun and easy it is to be this kind of immature.)

Ron Edwards said...

I see nothing funny in this sort of adolescent self-indulgence. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.




Hey! Who said that?

Ed said...

We've dragged Ron down to our level!!!

Or met him at his!