Monday, August 29, 2005

With Great Capes Under The Bed

I did not demo or buy Capes at GenCon. I suck. I keep reading about it on the Forge and smacking my forehead.

I did buy With Great Power, which is very cool, and which I had bought the preview edition to so I got a discount and all. I wanna read and play that someday when life gets less hectic.

But I didn't even demo Capes? I suck.

I also barely got into the tail end of an Under the Bed demo, and didn't buy it. Seems like a totally cool game. But I wish I'd done another demo.

Shopping list of stuff I didn't buy at Con but still want:

* Under the Bed
* Capes
* Burning Wheel
* Death's Door
* Sweet Dreams -- maybe. I loved this game but I get the impression that the author, Allan, has a headful of ways to make it cooler so I kind of want to watch and see what happens with it.
* Kayfabe

There may be more.

UPDATE: Oh yeah. Conspiracy of Shadows. I don't know anything about this game but the tone in which other people talk about it makes me way curious. Wish I'd demoed that too.

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J. Andrew said...

Conspiracy of Shadows Revised punched me in the motherfucking face, it was so cool.

I kind of grudgingly picked up the original, and ready through it (staggering over the setting) but only played it once.

I'm already lining up games of the revised edition. It's so much better it's not even funny. One of the top 5 games this year, swear.