Monday, October 17, 2005

Luke on Sons of Kryos

Listening to this now. Transcribed a portion of it to send to somebody and thought "I've got this neat bit transcribed, why not blog it?"

Here goes:

[Luke describing in some detail how suicide is a major feature of Serpent Sun]

JUDD: That's dark.

LUKE: It's very dark.

JUDD: If my parents had gotten ahold of that when I was twelve, I don't know if I'd be gaming today.

LUKE: Yeah, yeah, this is one where I'm, like, quite -- quite deliberately pushing the limits. Actually both of them. Both of the setting materials for Burning Wheel that I've released in the past year and a half or whatever, the Jihad stuff and the Serpent Sun stuff, have been designed to tweak people's sensibilities. I got really bored with people looking at, like, Elven Grief and, making fun of it, calling it like, 'The Cure,' and all this shit, you know, and people looking at Orc Hatred and being like, 'ORCS ARE COOL!' You know, I mean, that's fine, Orcs are cool. They're my favorites. But they're also really evil bastards, and they do terrible things, and your game should be about Orcs doing terrible things to each other and to everything and everyone around them. Instead it's just ORCS ARE COOL! So, I was like, all right, let's see what else I can get you to say is cool. So, right, so we have suicide? In Serpent Sun? Like, well, do you think that's cool? I actually think that, uh, most people are like 'no this is not cool man! [laughter]

JUDD: Yeah, that, I played that once with you over at, uh, the Burning Wheel revised release party, and my friend and I just stumbled out of that game at like six in the morning, didn't say a word to each other till we got to the train station, at which point he looked at me and said, 'That... that was really dark.' Like, not, like, in a profound way, but in a 'I... I can't believe we just played that' way. Yeah, it's shocking, it's pretty shocking, how dark that is.
Awesome interview -- if you can stand the 27 meg download, do grab it.


Judd said...

Thanks for listening and thanks even more for transcribing any part of that interview. I was really pleased with the way it came out.

We're getting our sound problems pounded out and it should be much, much smoother next time.

Ed said...

Thanks, Judd. How'd you find the blog entry? Referrer logs?

Judd said...

I have a list of RPG logs that I visit and this is among them. I'm sure I found it via Anyway or some-such hub-blog (or is that a new word hublog?).

Ed said...


There's a trippiness involved in finding out that our personal little blog happened to already be on the reading list of somebody who was doing something I wanted to quote on the blog. It messes with my notions of who's the audience and who's the media. Which I guess is the point of that whole blog thang. :) cool!

Anonymous said...

Don't freak out Ed! He's highly combustible. It could be dangerous.

Man, I need to get my grubby mitts on a copy of this game. Sounds bitchin'.

--Adam Black