Friday, February 17, 2006

CRN: What It's All About

This counterpoint by Clinton to Ron's "Brain Damage" post was something I really enjoyed reading. Check it if you haven't.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Ron thinks old school gamers are damaged, drawing a parallel with victims of childhood sexual molestation.

I wish Ron wouldn't pussyfoot around like that, worrying about offending people, and would tell us how he really feels, man!

At least one fellow Forgie got really peeved at this.

Me, I don't know nothin' from nothin', as my grampa used to say. But I really enjoyed Piers Brown's response, the part where he suggested that the messed up stuff you find in RPGs is maybe something symptomatic of the whole culture -- I don't think this was the point he was trying to make, but I think that in an essentially scientific culture we tend to think of the world as a machine, whose parts we can understand and reduce to formulas, often ones on a high level of abstraction. The notion of RPGs as physics engines feeds into this World Machine view. I think it's an easy trap to fall into, especially for people with a theoretical bent.

Ron is talking about finding gamers especially stupid at grokking stories at stories, though. I've got no comment on that one way or the other, except to say that one could read the entirety of the Knights of the Dinner Table series as an extended example of the tragedy of that particular deficiency. And yet for all that I enjoy the hell out of KODT. :)

UPDATE: reading further, I realize that what I just said has nothing to do with his post. C'est la vie. He's not even talking about gamers in general, just "Storytelling" gamers, from a particular generation that I may or may not fall into. Not sure.