Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thirty One Days of T&T with KSA

Ken St. Andre at T&T Delver's Tales is undertaking a "d31 blogging challenge," doing a piece on a given number in the rules and history of Tunnels & Trolls and Trollworld, each day of the month of May. He's a day behind as of this writing but it's a lot of fun -- well, it sure as hell is for an old T&T nerd like me.

Following Ken and Liz Danforth on Twitter and blogs and stuff, I sometimes feel like all the gaming I've done since Tunnels & Trolls was a waste of time, and I'd be happiest just going back and playing that again. I mean, if I actually played roleplaying games instead of reading and talking about them. (Wait, I can't write that anymore! I do play an RPG regularly; I've been dealt into a very old house-rules-original-D&D campaign in Iowa City. I just don't do much in it because it's an old world and everyone else involved knows it much, much better than me, and everybody's mostly higher level than me and more powerful than me, so I kind of sit back and watch, a lot. I imagine that will change eventually but right now I'm shy and quiet.)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Watchers and Ghosts?

Looks like some new and interesting things are happening over at the Year of the Dungeon!