Friday, April 21, 2006

Palladium Calls for Help

Palladium's financially hosed for some reason they can't talk about except to describe it as "skullduggery from within" to the tune of about a million bucks. So they're asking their fans to buy an as-yet-undrawn signed illustration for $50.

Trippy. I've enjoyed me some palladium games -- Ninjas and Superspies most of all -- but I'm not a "buy a $50 print to save the company" level fan.

Mostly I'm curious what the deal is with the "skullduggery."


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Heads Up From Ed

Hey y'all. Ed (as opposed to Joe) here. I thought I'd give a quick personal Heads Up to the world. 2006 has been a pretty rough year so far -- a series of medical and automobile issues and family difficulties have been sucking the life out of me, making creative work and keeping up on everybody's blog-and-Forge-life pretty difficult. My regular blog at has become a "link from and a few words of commentary" aggregator. My little online comic "bring it," which I'd been updating almost daily for a while, petered out. Couldn't think of anything funny anymore. I couldn't make the Forge Midwest Gathering, because I thought I needed to go on a work trip, and then when I realized my mistake about the work trip, well, I lost my mother in law that weekend instead, so it's a damn good thing I was in town.

Anyway I'm going to kindly call this a "fallow period" for myself and see how/if it continues. Apologies to Joe for using the blog he started as if it were a livejournal for the purposes of this post. :)