Monday, May 16, 2005

Unseen -- Episode 2

Man, I really didn't want to do a crazy write up like I've done for previous episodes. I started doing it and it almost destroyed me. Instead, here are the highlights.

Lost in a Forest

Robyn spent much of the episode in a strange dream-forest where she was chased and tormented by Whitney. She discoved that she is to be Odin's sacrifice. Virgil overcame his funk to figure out how Odin kidnapped Robyn out of his car... it was a magical portal. With Lewis's help, Virgil opened the portal and tried to rescue Robyn, who was being held in Whitney's basement, but was unsuccessful, and got cut by Odin for his troubles. Before the portal closed, Lewis tossed in a transmitter. Some ravens tried to cause them some trouble, but Agent Severin, from the shadows, used some heretofore unseen magical powers, from the glyphs that cover his arms. Lewis and Virgil found where the transmitter was... Whit's house. They busted in and interrogated him, only to hear a car racing off. Odin had Robyn. A car chase through Chicago ensued and ended on I-94 with Lewis using the "Banshee" and insane and untested sonic gun, which destroyed the glass in every car within a quarter-mile radius, and made Odin bleed from the ears. Odin jumped off an overpass, and a raven flew away. He had escaped, but Robyn was safe. Elsewhere, Sydney has discovered Lewis's bus and was very very interested. The Colonel was alerted that Agent Severin has taken part in a "breach of protocol." All's well that ends well at Julie's Place.

Next Time on Unseen:

- Fade in. Street sounds. Side of a brick apartment building. Through the window we see Lewis and Susan eating dinner, drinking wine. Sydney is watching them from a fire-escape, with her camera. A close up of her face. Her mouth is covered with a glyph covered hand -- glyphs like Agent Severin had...

- Twilight. A gothic church surround by old brownstones. Near the roof of the church, gargoyles. A shadowy shape moving between them. Glowing yellow, reptilian eyes...

- Afternoon - Robyn, in a baseball cap and sunglasses. At a cemetery, laying flowers on a grave.

- Close-up on a youngish Catholic priest, holding a crucifix before him, shouting something in Latin.

Oh, also it is Virgil's spotlight episode, our first one.

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