Sunday, July 24, 2005

Reading Bout Dexcon, Thinking Bout Gencon

OK, I was fairly excited about GenCon already. But I stumbled onto the DexCon after action report thread, and heard about all the sweet games and demos that happened there, and thinking about how all that kinda stuff is gonna be happening at GenCon, all those people, and I'm freaking STOKED.

Anybody who's reading this who is going to be at GenCon and Joe and I should be sure to find and play at least a demo with, gimme a shout out in the comments!


Anonymous said...

I'll be there, of course. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Ed H said...

Cool! You have met me, though, briefly. Two years ago, I was there and hung around the Forge booth like a fanboy for a while. I don't know if you'd have known me in any other context at that point, since I barely posted on the Forge, so you'd have had nothing to attach my name to unless the Birthroot Bargain strips were out at that point (I don't remember if they were).

I chatted with Mike Holmes and a bit with Ron, attached faces to your name, Paul Czege's, and a few other people's, and played demos of MLWM and Sorcerer. It was fun.

But I couldn't make it last year, cause our family had a lot of weird and unexpected stuff to deal with that week and I had to cancel.