Monday, January 23, 2006

Bacchanal Recognized

Rock! (Via Michael S. Miller on the Forge!)

But the greatest thing of 2005 (or of 61 A.D.) that has weird shaped dice, characters, story lines, and dice pool mechanics -- while still not quite being an RPG -- is Paul Czege's unforgettable Bacchanal. Sex, drunkenness, and now the 2005 Outie for Best Sui Generis RPG.
Congrats Paul! Bacchanal deserves it! Now if only I knew a bunch of people who wanted to play it with me...

YES that's my art, yes it rocks, yes Paul rocks for designing a game I could do an image like that for. Woot.

(All kinds of congrats to Emily, Ben, and Clinton for their runners upness.)


John Harper said...

Sweet. Congrats to both of you. You deserve it.

Ed H said...

well, it wasn't an award for the *art*. I'm just living vicariously through Paul, and I love the art I did for it. :)