Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Princess Katie vs. the Evil Birds

The other day... The kids (5yo twins) had found a boxfull of dice and Katie was playing with them while Teddy was busy with Ratchet & Clank. Katie was all ready to have fun just rolling the dice, but I asked her if she wanted to see what kind of games me and my friends play with dice.

She did! I told her we play story games. I said that we were going to make up somebody to be in the story, and I mentioned that she could play a warrior or a dragon or, or a princess, or a --

Princess won by a mile. She was definitely going the princess route.

I asked this princess's name. "Princess Katie." Subtlety has never been her strong point.

I asked her to tell me some things about Princess Katie that I could write down on a piece of paper. First we got:

* Likes Flowers
* Likes Ponies

She's definitely in that hyper-girly stage.

I asked if she had any "powers," and you BET she did. She could freeze people into blocks of ice, and she could also use magic fire to thaw them out.

* Freeze Power
* Fire Power

I set the scene that her favorite pony had been kidnapped, and she had to rescue him. She agreed and decided that Evil Birds had carried him off. We had a short little story about rescuing them, and finding lots of other ponies captive too, and rescuing them and bringing them to their homes. Every so often I called for a roll of 1,2,3 or 4,5,6 to decide which direction the story took. It was a tiny little story but it was fun and she loved it.


John Harper said...

Katie gets 10,000 Awesome Points.

You get 1,000, which is still Very Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Right on! My daugher used to play a Jaka Manhunter in a game I ran for her and my son.

Then she, you know, grew up and started hanging out with the cool kids and all that.

So enjoy it while it lasts. ;)

--Adam Black

Anonymous said...

So you've convinced your young daughter to worship Satan with you! Good going, Ed! No, seriously, good going! Satan, with ponies and flowers. :)