Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So I Married an RPG Designer

Egads! Accused murderer and Linux filesystem guru Hans Reiser used to be an RPG designer!

Says Wired --

I'm here because his defense lawyer thinks I will understand Reiser. The accused is a 43-year-old geek — he lives in his own world of computer code, videogames, and science fiction books. He spent his early twenties developing a role-playing game to compete with Dungeons & Dragons while writing a novel about aliens invading Earth. By age 30, he'd decided that his talents would be better applied to recrafting overlooked aspects of the Linux operating system.
I'm consumed with a desire to know more about that game.

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Anonymous said...

Me too! The worst thing about this case is that his life story is disturbingly similar to my own, except the murder trial bit. Perhaps there should be a repository on the net for old rpgs so that they can be used in future cases.