Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ruzalia by James West

A few weeks ago I contacted James West (author of The Pool and The Questing Beast, as well as an artist for Trollbabe and The Shadow of Yesterday) about doing a commission for me of my character, Ruzalia, from The Shadow of Yesterday game that Ed's been running. Man, did he come through!James has got some great new stuff out there. Here's a sampling of it:

Zoa Space Fantasy: A kick ass space/fantasy comic.

The Wizards of Ur: This a blog that James does with several other like-minded artist, where they share art and other interesting stuff.

Blood Red Comics: WARNING: This site is not work safe. A gallery of swords and sorcery women. Also linked from this site, is his "grab bag sale." Basically you give him some cash and he sends you a random piece of art from the site. So far I've gotten these ones:

Sword Maiden and the Beast
Howzit Going

So yeah, cool stuff. Check it out.

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