Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Grognard's Challenge -- Ed's Answer Sheet and Results

Answers here.

Holy crap, the majority of my educated guesses were correct, giving me a final score of 41 out of 50.

Diagnosis: "40-49 I suspect you're probably wearing D&D underoos right now. For God's sake, put on some pants!"

Wrong answers marked below with the Sign of FAIL.

1) : C

2) : C (guess, 2nd guess: A)

3: B

4: C

5: C

6: A

7: E

8: D

9: C (a guess, having ruled out A and B, and probably D and E)

10: B (I first thought A, but wasn't A in module B2?)

11: C (total guess) FAIL

12: E (total guess) FAIL

13: A

14: D

15: A (total guess) FAIL

16: A (total guess) FAIL

17: D

18: A

19: E (mostly a guess)

20: C

21: D

22: C (ruling out E and D, all the rest seem unlikely, Jorune seems too late, EPT seems slightly too early, but the genre is close to correct... let's say C) FAIL

23: C (total guess)

24: C

25 : D (total guess) FAIL

26: E

27: E (educated guess) FAIL

28: C

29: B

30: C

31: E (I said A at first but something is nagging at me telling me it's E, despite the relative publication dates of the Greyhawk and Blackmoor supplements)

32: B

33: E (vague memory/mostly a guess)

34: C (mostly guess, after ruling out some of 'em) FAIL

35: B

36: D (guess)

37: B

38: D

39: D (mostly guess)

40: D

41: C (mostly guess)

42: A

43: E (nigh-total guess) FAIL

44: B (semi-guess)

45: E (mostly guess)

46: C (ruling out A, B, and D)

47: D (Guess, after ruling out B, C, and E)

48: C

49: E

50: D


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised given that you owned a lot of these games.

Unknown said...

For what it's worth, I got a 23. I attribute this to mostly gming AD&D while occasionally making characters for all the other games.