Friday, July 04, 2008

OD&D as the Gom Jabbar

Geez, I've been really digging the whole "retro-roleplaying," back-to-Old-School-OD&D movement, but if it encourages this sort of shit, if that's the attitude that people involved bring to the table, count me out.

It's like a bad parody of a Frank Herbert character.

Holding up old school OD&D as some kind of paragon of deep creative human activity, for the few true humans among us, who rise above all the rest (he didn't quite get around to using the word "sheeple") and shun mere "fun" because we want to work HARD for our gaming DAMMIT! FUN IS FOR THE WEAK AND FEEBLE OF SOUUUULLLLLLLLL


Via Retro Roleplaying, who linked it mostly approvingly, via various google searches on Labyrinth Lord and Swords and Wizardry.


Anonymous said...

One of these days we'll play some T&T, Ed. 5th edition, right? No frills, all thrills?

Anyway, Ed, the main reason I'm posting is that I really need to talk to you about Trollbabe stuff, and I'm not having any luck locating your email. Send me an email at

Best, Ron

Jeff Rients said...

Some days James Raggi is the RPG Pundit of the old school scene. I think both guys have a lot of interesting stuff to say, even if I don't always agree with either of them.

Ed H said...

Who's RPG Pundit?

Jeff Rients said...

This guy:

Ed H said...


Ron said...

Whoa...the Glenn Danzig of the OD&D world! Ah, hell dude is probably pretty cool...sometimes people shouldn't say too much...besides, you don't think people aren't sheeple??

Ha! just messin' with ya...