Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Played Sorcerer with Ron Edwards and Konstantinos Rentas at GenCon. This is Chuni, my character's demon. She's a porn star, with a very dedicated following, one of whom threatened to ruin my character's nice middle class suburban life in the hopes of getting to meet her.

Thing with demon porn stars is, some need to be paid in blood instead of cash.


Ron Edwards said...

I'll be posting about this game at the Forge in a little while.

For now, I wanted to clarify that the reason Chuni attacked your character's friend Rowan is that Rowan was trying all the doors of the house, and found one that had been left open. In other words, Rowan had indeed entered the house uninvited.

This action on Rowan's part was the direct result of your character's failed attempt to lie to her earlier.

The above is offered as one of my ongoing attempts to clarify why there's no "GM fiat" in Sorcerer.

You seemed interested in that issue in general, so I wanted to clarify that particular bit of GMing for you.

Ed H said...

Ooh! Cool. Didn't make that connection myself. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for the Forge thread.

BTW, one other thing I was meaning to ask you about is that we never sat down and said explicitly "this is what Humanity is in this game." I *did* check humanity for not giving Rowan the medical attention she probably needed, so it's not like you didn't have a concept of humanity right there in mind ready to use.

I was wondering whether we inherited a default "don't be a fucking sociopath" definition of Humanity for lack of other specification, or if a particular kind of Humanity was *implicit* in our other choices, and you were running with that.

Ron Edwards said...

The definition of Humanity was mainly the default one of empathy and perhaps the closely-related issue of emotional honesty. It was also leavened by the concept of genuine community. Our context of "successful suburbia" raised, for me, the issue of when a highly formalized socioeconomic human living-space is or is not actually a community.

I find that articulating Humanity is best done after a little while in play, as we all discover where our feet have landed throughout the course of several consequential conflicts. I probably could not have provided such a detailed answer prior to our actual session, brief as it was.

Ed H said...

Cool. That's congruent with my experience during play, and re: letting it develop a bit in play, that's useful for me to know.

(Now, will I go back to the text of Sorcerer and find out that it was in there all along that you could go with a basic default of empathy or the like, and let it develop during play? I wouldn't be surprised...)