Thursday, June 09, 2005

Astral Negatrons

Joe in his comment to the previous post ("A Forge Pas"), says -- "OK Ed, new rule: no more Forge for you. You seem to stir up some sort of trouble, or get snarky every time you go there ;-)"

And he's right. I don't know why I've had such a damn chip on my shoulder; it's partially explainable by the "Prolegomena" (couple posts earlier) but that doesn't seem to catch it all.

I was reading the "Turk and Helga" thread on the Forge as referenced by Ben's Continuity post (to which I added some comments) and I thought how much fun the game sounded like and for some reason saw very clearly this negative attitude I'd let creep up on me, like a goblin sitting on my shoulder. (Perhaps it's a demon from Ron's Sorcerer...)

I'm gonna have to read the article Ben linked to and quoted too, even though I don't think much of Claude Lévi-Strauss's theories of myth. Just read the first few paragraphs and found it interesting.

This post was mostly babble. Please move along and go about your business.

UPDATE: No, it's not really such a mystery to me, the snarkiness. I just read a couple small forge threads because they were referred to elsewhere or I was watching them, and there's just something in the tone typical Forge discourse that just gets my blood pressure up. The protocol of the Forge is such that people don't openly call each other doody-heads or threaten each other with bodily harm, but there are at least some posters there who keep just saying things in a way that provokes hostility in me for some reason. And the funny thing is the ones I'm thinking of right now are people I've met in real life and had a perfectly nice time with, but when I read some of their posts my fists clench. I don't know what's up with me with all that but I think it really would be healthy of me to heed Joe's advice on this one. Get he hell off the Forge. I'm not up to it these days.

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John Harper said...

Man... I hear ya. There are a few posters there that really tick me off. Every now and then I get mad enough to wade in to the fray, but usually, it's a lot healthier to just laugh, shake my head, and get on with my life.

But some other Forgies are the cat's pajamas. They keep me coming back.