Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Forge Pas

I guess that thread was old and I shouldn't have posted to it.

I will never understand the weird etiquette of that place.

UPDATE: OK, maybe I'll understand it, but I will get bitten on the ass by it nonetheless. :)


Ben said...

"don't post to old threads" has a pretty simple explanation, really. It keeps people from dredging up very old discussions, and keeps the history in context. I can go back to the end of the RPG Theory forum and see what people were talking about in 2002. If people posted to old threads, I couldn't do that anymore. It would break the chronology.

It isn't that the old topics are closed to discussion. Just that the proper thing to do is to link the old discussion in a new thread, thus creating a proper context.


Ed H said...

I guess I just wish the technology of the board made that easier to follow, you know. Like, if there were even some kind of warning about posting to old threads, or better yet, if threads auto-locked themselves after a month with no posts or something.

Joe said...

OK Ed, new rule: no more Forge for you. You seem to stir up some sort of trouble, or get snarky every time you go there ;-)

Ed H said...

This is Ben's fault. He told me I had to read the thread!