Friday, December 02, 2005

bye bye theory at forge

You've read about it in all the other indie RPG blogs and fanblogs already, nothing to add here, except that it still baffles me when we end up on lists like this:

Chris Chinn's Deep in the Game
Vincent Baker's anyway.
Ben Lehman's This is My Blog
Matt Wilson's The Dog Blog
Matt Snyder's Heads or Tales
Ed Heil and Joe's Esoteric Murmurs
Shreyas Sampat's Raven Swallows the Sun
Jason Petrasko's Rainfall
Keith Senkowski's One Angry Polack
Joshua Bishop Roy's Game Foo
Most of these people are game designers and deep theory thinkers or fine theory preachers. We just sort of talk about stuff and we like Forge games and every so often I go on an absinthe binge and rant a bit. Joe talks about games he runs and plays and likes. There ain't that much to it. But it's kinda cool. Hi, anyone who followed those links! This is just where we hang out, nothin' special. Follow those other links for cool theory talk. Stay here if you just want to open a cold one and hang a bit.

Course, someday I'll finish Odyssey: Strange Lands and then I'll be one o' them game designers too.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me you were working on an RPG! For shame.

Or, you told me and I spaced it. In which case: for shame on me!