Thursday, December 08, 2005

Crashspace: Glim

See the immediately previous post for an account of our pilot episode of Crashspace.

I'm changing Glim's Issue. His current Issue is that he was a really cool popular well-liked guy back in space, and he wants to stay that way, but it's challenging on Earth, where he doesn't know the territory.

That wasn't fun for me, because "wanting to be cool" isn't an interesting problem to me at this point in my life. Being cool and the life of the party and well-liked is an interesting power, but wanting to be cool isn't an interesting problem. I would have more fun just having Glim have the magical power to be the life of the party even on Earth than having him trying to be the life of the party and having trouble with it.

So what for an issue? Well, the pilot suggested this: he likes everyone to get along, have fun, and be happy. He's a peacemaker and a diplomat. But there were two times where he abandoned his friends in the face of danger. When is he willing to take a stand, to get into conflict and stand up for something rather than compromising and trying to smooth everything out and get everyone to "be cool"? What will it take for him to take a stand?

THAT is the issue.

Cool is the power. Drawing a line in the sand is the issue.



John Harper said...

This realization and shift of the issue should go in the next edition of PTA. That's illuminating stuff.

Ed H said...

Feel free to lift it. :)