Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Illo Trove Lives, Kinda

I have the trove site on its way into reality.

It's just a sketchy little site right now -- Art Trove -- and I'm trying to figure out what to do for the licensing arrangements, whether I need some special legal verbiage to say "thanks for the simoleons! you now have the right to treat all present & future art presented as part of the Art Trove as clip art, for your own royalty-free use. This license is non-transferable."

I'm also thinking that there's no reason I should discourage people from joining up without asking for a specific piece to be added. You can always take a raincheck on your request. I just am a little nervous about accepting cash for pieces of art I haven't produced yet -- what if I am unable to create a piece that satisfies a buyer?

I think I can solve that this way: the 25 clams are not for the free piece. They're for Trove membership. The free piece is a bonus freebie, and so in case I'm not able to produce exactly what you want, well, I'll do the best I can, but I'm not going to stress about you already having "paid me for it" -- cause you didn't, you paid for the Trove membership.

I'm also thinking of having a standing offer for new pieces for a flat fee (maybe $20 unless it's a complex/elaborate piece, in which case I'd price it up from there, but still trying to make it a "discount rate") to be done to the specs of an existing trove member and added to the trove.

So once you're in, you can call on me to build up what's in the trove, cheaply, in the ways you need.

Presumably under this system the trove will grow naturally to include things that the people who are most likely to fork out extra cash want. :)

Does anybody know where I could look to find appropriate legal verbiage for the "I give you and only you permission to go nuts with this art royalty-free" statement?


Unknown said...

You want the ideas before you want the $$?

Cuz... I'll certainly have the money on hand before I know just what I'm going to want in my game. The money, in support of a fantastic idea, could get to you so much faster than my request for what I need for my game.

Ed H said...

No, I'm taking that "idea first then money" back -- you can give me money for membership and take a raincheck on the idea. The only reason I suggested that was the jitters outlined above that I got with regards to taking money for things I had not yet produced.

If it's clarified that the custom artwork is a *free bonus* and I am taking money for something I can hand out easily (permisson to use all the images without the CC license's limiations), then I'm happy to take money NOW!

Drop me an email at edheil at edheil dot com and let's talk. :)

Unknown said...

You know... I totally read that 'free bonus' thing. Then promptly forgot it.

There's an email on the way.

Troy_Costisick said...


Awesome, Ed. Expect an email from me as soon as I get home from work tonight.