Monday, August 13, 2007

Gencon Approaching

I'll be there the whole weekend. What to do?

Lurk about the Forge booth. See what's new, seeing as I'm totally out of touch with freakin' everything.

Lurk about the Spawn of Forge-shan booths, such as Play Collective and Das Äschkån-Frønt.

See if I can meet Ken St. Andre, elder trollgod of all gaming (to me anyway), again. And any other cool Flying Buffalos.

Head for McNiven's and eat haggis. When else am I going to get to eat haggis? Oh, I understand they have beer as well.

Buca di Beppo with my homeboys.

Maybe complete my Knights of the Dinner Table collection.

Collect the copy of Schock: Social Science Fiction I earned by reviewing it. Play it! With the Glyphmonkey himself if possible.

Find a pickup Burning Wheel game somewhere so I can see how it plays in real life with people who know the system.

Meet certain fine folk that I haven't seen in forever. I'm thinking particularly of Paul Czege, who I've been in some contact with despite not seeing him for a couple years, and Lxndr, who I last saw what, four years ago? At Gencon, for about 5 minutes?

I guess mostly just learn what I've been missing being out of touch for a long time. I've been busy at work and dealing with some personal stuff and so haven't been illustrating at all, so there's been no "I've been doing illos for this game, I can't wait to see it printed up for real!" like there was in past years.

So yeah. Day after tomorrow.

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