Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maxim: Gen Con! Sex! Is funny! Ha ha!

Nerd Sex Video Funny - Maxim Online Video Channel:

Popping up on the social bookmarking sites is this "Nerd Sex" video thing, which is supposed to be a funny video from a Maxim magazine interviewer about nerds and sex at GenCon.

I'm willing to laugh at myself and other gamers, and I wondered what the hell they could have found to say about sex and GenCon, so I checked it out, but there's really nothing to see. The interviewer tries to get various gencon attendees of various degrees of dorkiness to talk about getting laid at GenCon, and most of them look at him like he's an idiot, and when prodded, joke about it.

Plus there's a woman who was slipped a quasi-romantic come-on note by some guy she'd gamed with.

I was really ready to laugh at this if there was comedy, but I was disappointed.

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