Friday, March 18, 2011

Nine Delvers In Amber

Learn the tale of the first ever (as far as I know!) Amber roleplaying game, largely undertaken by (snail) mail, created by Ken St. Andre, while in correspondence with Roger Zelazny. And how it affected the production of the cover of City of Terrors. From Liz Danforth's blog.

Amber references were *rife* in places like Sorcerer's Apprentice (which also carried a number of original Zelazny stories!), but I was a kid and didn't have access to much of a bookstore, and didn't know to look for Amber in the library, if it was even available there, so most of it went right past me. It's only later on, late in high school I think, I got ahold of the Amber books, in the form of a hardcover collection that I was given by a friend of the family who devoured science fiction books from his book club like candy, and gave them away when he was done (unlike candy, I guess).

Chroniclers of the Old School ways take note -- this woman tells good stories. :)

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