Thursday, March 10, 2011

Support Fiendish Plans And Hot Elf Chicks

This is not of course an "old school roleplaying" blog, just a blog written by old, old roleplayers. Hell, one of us regularly runs and plays 4th edition D&D. But I can't help admiring the Underdark Gazette's fiendish, if sexist, plan to increase visibility of the Old School Rules movement by means of hot elf chicks. (Or hot chicks of whatever demihuman persuasion you prefer.)

So -- consider this a standing offer from me, Ed, of your very own hot demihuman chick drawing for anybody looking to participate in this fiendish plan on their own blog.

Unless I'm in an artistic slump, in which case the drawing may be delayed, or may kind of suck. But lately the muses seem to be with me.

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