Monday, August 22, 2005


Pencil sketch of my character Kandelo, mentioned in Joe's writeup of our Stranger Things game. Drawing him was a big part of conceptualizing him for me. I actually had to re-do the eyes before I felt I could play him. Weird eh?


Ed H said...

BTW, that thing on his neck is a demonic 'cilice', a corporal mortification device a la Opus Dei. Kandelo has an unhealthy preoccupation with religion of all sorts, which is of course in very poor taste in the City of Gods We'd Rather Forget.

Unlike an Opus Dei 'cilice', this one winds over most of his body. And, it's demonic. (Whether or not that applies to the Opus Dei version I leave to the reader.)

Anonymous said...

That thing is certainley an cilice and they use it for when they make a bad mistake and want to be forgivin by God! you evne have to know that when they make a very big mistake like murder somebody they use there cilice more than 2 houres a day and they thigh it up so you really feel the pins in you're skin!