Monday, August 29, 2005

With Great Capes Under The Bed

I did not demo or buy Capes at GenCon. I suck. I keep reading about it on the Forge and smacking my forehead.

I did buy With Great Power, which is very cool, and which I had bought the preview edition to so I got a discount and all. I wanna read and play that someday when life gets less hectic.

But I didn't even demo Capes? I suck.

I also barely got into the tail end of an Under the Bed demo, and didn't buy it. Seems like a totally cool game. But I wish I'd done another demo.

Shopping list of stuff I didn't buy at Con but still want:

* Under the Bed
* Capes
* Burning Wheel
* Death's Door
* Sweet Dreams -- maybe. I loved this game but I get the impression that the author, Allan, has a headful of ways to make it cooler so I kind of want to watch and see what happens with it.
* Kayfabe

There may be more.

UPDATE: Oh yeah. Conspiracy of Shadows. I don't know anything about this game but the tone in which other people talk about it makes me way curious. Wish I'd demoed that too.

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