Sunday, August 07, 2005

Who I'm Not Gonna See at GenCon

It seems like there's a big long list of people I wish I was gonna see at GenCon who aren't going to make it.

Off the top of my head --

I'm sure there are more. I keep talking to people online whom I might hope to see there and finding out they won't be there. Bums me the heck out.

There are a lot of people I am looking forward to seeing again or meeting for the first time. But the non-attendees list (which included me last year) is sadly long.


Anonymous said...

I wish I were going personally. Sadly that's unlikely to happen unless my wife gets a new birthday or we get a new anniversary as Gencon almost always includes either August 20 or August 5.

Ed H said...

Matt -- Unless I met you in '03 briefly and forgot, we've never met. I'll be keeping an eye out for you. :)

I'll be a Forge Booth Fanboy.

John Harper said...

Don't rub it in! I was all set to go this year, too... but work just makes it impossible. I really, really have to figure out a way to go next year. Of course, that will probably be the year everyone skips.