Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sophomoric Post Warning

After the wild GenCon success of Paul Czege's Bacchanal, and the continuing popularity of "Sex and Sorcery," will other indie games move forward into a realm of mature, thoughtful adult sexuality and eroticism?

Hoped-for titles for GenCon 06:

Dog-eared Design: Pay-Per-View Adventures
Errant Knight Games: Kayfabe 2: Jello Wrestling Edition
Lumpley Games: Doggy Style In The Vineyard

And the one which started me down this train of thought:

Timfire Press: Mountin' the Witch

Further suggestions welcomed in comments.


Brendan said...

I think "My Life With Master" pretty much stands on its own.

Also, Chimera Creative presents DONG DEVILS

Ed H said...

Adept Press presents: Trollbabe 2, Trollbabes in Toyland?

Ed H said...

HELL YEAH. I love Breaking The Ice. Demoed it with Ron and Emily (Emily first, then Ron switched in for her).

It was a game that I enjoyed completely out of proportion to how much I would have expected to enjoy it.

It's not included here cause sex in a Breaking the Ice game wouldn't be a sophomoric joke. :)

Anonymous said...

Doggy Style in the Vineyard?


Ed H said...

Told you it was sophomoric.

Ed H said...

We've dragged Ron down to our level!!!

Or met him at his!