Monday, August 22, 2005

things I want to talk about from gencon when I get a chance

In no particular order and with no guarantee whatsoever of completeness...
  • games played/demoed/was especially intrigued by (some even bought)
    • Tunnels & Trolls, 30th anniversary edition
    • Under The Bed
    • Polaris
    • With Great Power
    • Death's Door
    • City of Brass
    • SNAP
    • didn't get to demo TSOY! Ed sad.
    • Kayfabe (demo: did not expect it to be as awesome as it was)
    • Breaking The Ice (demo: did not expect it to be as awesome as it was)
    • Sweet Dreams (demo: did not expect it to be as awesome as it was)
  • people met/re-met
    • Ken St. Andre
    • mc chris (and joshua newell)
    • P.D. Breeding-Black
    • Paul Czege & Danielle
    • Vincent Baker (tres briefly)
    • The Matt Trifecta:
      • Matt Wilson
      • Matt Snyder
      • Matt Gwinn
    • Ron Edwards
    • Ben Lehman
    • Michael & Kat Miller
    • Malcolm, didn't catch last name, Scottish dude with cool ultra slickly produced game
    • Allan "May Contain Monkeys" Dotson
    • Luke "Made Me Want Burning Wheel thru Sheer Sincere Enthusiasm" Crane
    • Thor Olavsrud
    • Joshua "Ninja Monkey J"
    • Ralph Mazza
    • Mike Holmes
    • Lisa Padol
    • Tim Kleinert
    • Tony Lower-Basch (in passing)
    • Emily Care Boss
    • Gordon Landis
    • Greg Porter
    • Greg Stolze
    • Clinton R. Nixon
    • Andy Kitkowski
    • Jared Sorenson (briefly)
    • Didn't meet Bankuei! sad.
  • events/moments
    • really kind & thought-provoking words from Ron about my art
    • first playtest of an unpublished Greg Stolze game with a recent law school graduate and a wide eyed Stolze fanboy and two of the Matt Trifecta
    • The Indie RPG Awards (I have some great pictures)
    • art trade with P.D. Breeding-Black
    • chillin late night at the embassy suites bar with Paul Czege, Tim Kleinert, and Gordon Landis, all of whom are top notch cool. Finding out that Gordon's been a T&T man even longer than I have been
  • hangin wit my homeboys
    • eating haggis for the first time at the local Scottish bar
    • holy crap I can't believe I almost forgot about the awesome game of Stranger Things we played Thu/Fri nights... loved that
    • almost getting the Pope Room at Buca di Beppo's till the bachelorette party showed up after all and 0wn3d it from us, but anyway had a really incredible conversation with the Droschas
    • "it's not gay if it's funny"
    • some drama best saved fo yo mama
  • personal stuff
    • Losing my credit card - ack
    • really enjoyed myself because I was really present/mindful/focused/"there" -- in the moment. Took care of myself, with the exception of walking too much and getting blisters early on which hobbled me the rest of the con. did stuff cause I wanted to and enjoyed it rather than because the crowd was doing it or whatever. Opened up in conversations with people and enjoyed what I got to say and hear. was in a place I wanted to be.


Paul Czege said...

Hey Ed,

"chillin late night at the embassy suites bar with Paul Czege, Keith Senkowski, and Gordon Landis..."

Opposite you was Tim "O-Yanma" Kleinert.


Ed H said...

Paul -- damn! I will fix that in the entry. I got Keith's and Tim's names mixed up somehow. I knew who he was in the sense that I knew he was the author of The Mountain Witch.

Now I'm left befuddled because I'm not sure whether I met Keith at all, since I went and attached his name to Tim's face (and game) somehow.

Paul Czege said...

The elusive Keith can be seen here, in Clinton's photoblog:


Ed H said...

Keith looks just how I would expect Bob Goat to for some reason. I don't remember if I met him there or not; if I did I did so without placing who he was exactly.

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Ne one know Fran Booth? Shes been out of the link for awhile. Also looking for Patty Breeding